A Mpumalanga man who could not cope with testing positive for HIV recently took his own life by drinking a pesticide, police have revealed.

According to our sources, Mlungisi Nzimande 24 of Nelspruit went on a downward spiral after discovering that his girlfriend was cheating on him with his HIV positive father.

The matter came to light after Mlungisi spotted the love birds coming out of Galaxy Grill.He then confronted them and discovered the shocking truth that the two had been going out for over a year and his girlfriend only identified as Zanele was his father’s blessee.

He confided the incident to his friend (name withheld) who told our news crew of how his friend was nolonger himself after the discovery.

“I tried to comfort him,told him it wasn’t the end of the world but Mlungisi could not listen to sense.

“He left my house and told me he was going out for a drink,That was the last time I saw him,” he said,struggling to hold back tears.

His mother discovered him lying on the floor in his bedroom the following day with two bottles of pesticides besides him.she tried to assist the now deceased by giving him milk to induce a quick vomiting but it was too late.

Beside his body was a farewell note which highlighted why he had decided to end his life.

Efforts to get a comment from Mlungisi’s family or Zanele were fruitless at the time of publication



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