Mpumalanga Man Murders FatherHandcuffs (Image: SAPS)

Mpumalanga Man Murders Father Over Inheritance

Last week in Bukuzakhe, Volkrust, Mpumalanga, a shocking incident left the community in disbelief. Sizwe Nkosi, a 30-year-old man, was arrested for killing his 50-year-old father. The tragedy unfolded when Sizwe asked for his inheritance, similar to the story of the prodigal son, but his father refused, saying he’d get it after his father passed away. In anger, Sizwe allegedly stabbed his father to death.

A Pattern of Pressure and Conflict

A neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, revealed that Sizwe had been pressuring his father for a while to give him the house and inheritance. Despite being jobless, Sizwe insisted that his father’s tenants pay rent to him. The situation escalated two weeks after the end of the month when Sizwe needed money urgently. He demanded the tenants pay him or leave. This ongoing conflict had already led to Sizwe being scolded by his family, but this time, it tragically resulted in his father’s death.

Community Grief: Mpumalanga Man Murders Father Over Inheritence

The neighbour heard a disturbance at the Nkosi house that escalated into cries for help. It was clear that something terrible had happened. People asked Sizwe why he had stabbed his father, and others expressed their anger with curses. Fearing Sizwe’s violent tendencies, the neighbour and others called the police instead of intervening directly.

Colonel Donald Mdhluli, the spokesperson for the Mpumalanga police, confirmed the incident and said the motive for the killing was still unknown. However, he mentioned the possibility that the father might have been targeted for his assets. Sizwe didn’t live with his father anymore but had visited on the day of the incident. Despite having three siblings, Sizwe claimed to be the rightful heir to his father’s property. When he tried to evict the tenants, his father intervened, leading to the fatal stabbing.

Law enforcement and paramedics arrived, but sadly, the father was declared dead. A murder case was swiftly opened, resulting in Sizwe’s arrest and charges. He appeared in court and remains in custody. A bail application hearing is set for October 2, 2023. The community is deeply shocked and saddened by this tragic event.

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