Mpumalanga Man Calls Police to Complain that a Pros_titute Has Increased Her Charges

MPUMALANGA – A man shocked police officers when he put a call across to them only to complain that the pros_titute he had hired has hiked her charges.

A 45-year-old Felex Mandela man on Wednesday, decided to call police and report a pros_titute.
The married man had agreed on a price for the pros_titute’s services, only for her to take the money and raise her price.
 Police Lt. Innocent Zulu confirmed police were called at 10:30 p.m from Mpumalanga for a report of a robbery. However, when investigators arrived, they found the man having a bit of trouble with a 19-year-old  woman he had contacted online.
 Lt. Innocent Zulu said the man and the woman had agreed on a price for her services. But when the man gave her the cash, the woman reportedly took the money and informed him that the price had suddenly gone up. Aggrieved, the man took the next step by calling the police.
”The versions the man and the woman told police regarding the night’s events were vastly different”, Lt. Innocent Zulu said. The man was not arrested, and it will be up to senior police officers to determine charges in the case.
Source : iMzansi

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