A 43 year old woman has come out to claim that she is the daughter of Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe. The woman who goes by the name Amanda Mutsvangwa said she was told by her mother of the revelations earlier this year.

According to reports, Amanda’s mother met Mugabe in 1970 and the two had an affair which led to her birth in 1973. After which the tow separated due to the armed struggle in Zimbabwe. Speaking from her homestead in Mpumalanga, South Africa, Amanda said she wanted to connect with her father and have the same benefits as her other siblings.

“We grew up in poverty and for me to learn that Mugabe is my father really shocked me. I wonder why my mother kept this secret for so long’ a sobbing Amanda said before adding, “The man I thought to be my real father died ten years ago and I people always jokingly told me I look like Mugabe”

The secret came to light when Amanda’s mom took ill and decided to reveal the secret before she died. Amanda said she has never been to Zimbabwe and hopes to connect with her father and know her sister and brother. She also stated that she will be going to Zimbabwe in September to visit her father and hopefully get a dna test done with Robert Mugabe.

Source : iMzansi


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