Musa Mthombeni gushes over his wife Liesl’s new level of being a ‘baddie’

TV presenter and medical doctor Musa Mthombeni is his wife Liesl Laurie’s biggest cheerleader, even if he keeps finding new and funkier ways to compliment her.

Musa’s latest post, in which he complimented his wife’s latest hairstyle, had his followers in stitches and in awe at how he seems to have a way with words whenever his wife is the focus of the post.

In the hilarious post — filled with sarcasm — Musa told his followers about Liesl’s new hairstyle — how he feels Liesl acts when her cut is still fresh and how he’s “concerned” his wife may be turning into a “baddie”.

Read his account:

Liesl “Baddie” Laurie-Mthombeni

Whenever @liesllaurie says she going to the @lajawihair to touch up her hair, I know I’m about to have a week filled with problems.

Liesl starts to behave like she just won the lotto and it’s tickets for me at that point. She behaves like credit cards shouldn’t have limits.

She’ll videocall me as she walks out the salon to show me the new line. What I know about the line is that, the longer it is, the more problematic she’s going to become. This is a fact. It’s the direct/ reverse adjective law of Baddisms.

She starts calling me “baby boy” “sweet cheeks” “sexy thing” other names I can’t say here.

I just want you to know that I’m suffering.

Also, it must be said — she just got a Crus of Helix ear piercing. She has evolved to the highest level of baddie. She has multiple ear piercings.

The hairstyle in question? Check it out below:

In his comment section his friends and followers laughed at his “ordeal”.

“Bad bad gang world wide … I’ve never laughed so hard at the narrative! HEAL MA BOY, HEAL!” said Clement Maosa.

“Sounds like a happy home to me!” commented LootLove.

Happily married Musa and Liesl’s love began in the DMs.

Musa has shared details about the evolution of their love journey, saying it all started on Instagram when he sent a direct message to Liesl.

“One year ago on this day, July 2, my dear friend Nokukhanya Khanyile posted a picture of Liesl on her IG stories. I commented on this story with a lovestruck emoji and sent Dr Khanyile a voice note highlighting my utter excitement about this post,” he wrote.

“Within the hour I sent Liesl a sweet innocent message and, as they say, the rest is history. Since that day I’ve spoken to Liesl every day, throughout the day. The love of my life and future wife,” he said at the time.


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