Donald working as a petrol attendantDonald working as a petrol attendant-Image Source@Instagram

South African musician Donald recently caught public attention when a blog claimed he had left his music career to work as a petrol attendant. However, the truth behind the story is far more inspiring.

Pictures circulated of the musician in his uniform serving customers and many people thought that he had fallen from his former glory as an acclaimed artist.

Donald sets the record straight on his job as a petrol attendant

Taking to Instagram to set the record straight, Donald explained that his stint as a petrol attendant was a deliberate act to appreciate the hard work of these often-overlooked workers.

Donald working as petrol attendant
Donald working as a petrol attendand-Image Source@Instagram

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He recounted his experience:

“On Tuesday, I met a guy named SAM who works at Engine Garage on Empire Rd. We had a chat, and it struck me – what if I spent a day in his shoes as a petrol attendant? SAM agreed without hesitation.”

Donald’s friend CasswellP also participated in this unique experience.

A Gesture of Appreciation

Donald emphasized that this was a one-time gesture meant to highlight the hard work and dedication of petrol attendants. He lauded SAM, the attendant he worked with, calling him an unsung hero who worked tirelessly to support his family. This act was aimed at acknowledging the significant yet often unnoticed contributions of these workers to the community.

Donald petrol attendant
Donald working as a petrol attendant-Image Source@Instagram

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Public Reaction and Clarification

The musician’s action received mixed reactions from his fans and the broader public. While many praised his humility and willingness to step into another person’s role, others were initially confused about his intentions. Fortunately, Donald’s social media posts clarified the situation, confirming that he remains fully committed to his music career.

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