397 SAPS Members In Corruption Storm

397 SAPS members in corruption storm

397 SAPS members in corruption storm

By Daniel Itai, Pretoria, South Africa

397 South African Police Service (SAPS) members are currently embroiled in corruption charges.

This was revealed yesterday by SAPS when they were addressing Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts.

However, Dr. Ragin a former SAPS Major and a lecturer at UNISA’s department of Police Practice said yesterday’s corruption stats were a smack in the face of SAPS.

“It’s really unbelievable. In all the 14 years I have worked for the Police I never witnessed such a disaster. This undermines the Police because it’s going to have a negative impact in them rendering their services,” said Dr. Ragin.

Dr. Ragin also alluded to the fact that many SAPS members were now involved in a lot of crime due to a lot of temptations.

“Police are now involved in crime so the criminals will tell them you are also a criminal. There is a lot of temptations but Police are also greedy for money. There is also social and peer pressure, if a Police is earning low money how can they drive an expensive car? However, The gaps come from the community like drug dealers and car hijackers and gaps in the legislation which cause them to be embroiled in these heinous acts,” added Dr. Ragin.

In recent months several SAPS members including senior officials have been arrested over corruption charges but the cycle seems to continue.

However, some SAPS members have also been complaining over the lack of adequate resources which then prompts some to be involved in corruption. Another issue is also the lack of sufficient SAPS members which the country is currently grappling to deal with.

Some SAPS members have also lost their lives as a result of refusing to take part in corruption or accept bribes which has since left some in a juxtaposition.


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