A Germiston man recently caught the attention of the media after he stepped forward with claims that he is being lashed on the back every night. Stranger is the fact that he can not see the person responsible for lashing him on the back.

He is waking up with freshly bleeding scars every morning and can not account for their presence.

Thembenkosi (29) says his life is now like that of a horror movie on TV.
“I’m not an alcoholic or a drug user so I don’t have moments where I black out” he said to the press.

Some spiritual leaders have likened this occurrence to what is known as the ‘stigmata’.”There are some individuals who share in the suffering of Christ physically. They have existed in time, it’s not a phenomenon” said one Father Phillipp from the Roman Catholic parish.

The more traditional leaders are suggesting it is the work of witchcraft and sorcery and Thembenkosi will need a cleansing ritual.
One thing remains apparent. Thembenkosi needs to be freed from whatever force is at work on his body. Aside from the ugly scarring, the bleeding will also result in blood loss and infection.

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