MMUZI Nkosi was wrapped in the arms of his nyatsi on Saturday night.

However, the lovebirds had forgotten to lock the door.


In minutes, he was dead. While Mmuzi (32) was being murdered, his lonely wife, Sibongile Mabanga (28) was sleeping alone at their house in Etwatwa, Ekuruhleni, with no idea of what was happening.

When relatives finally went to fetch her and took her to the nyatsi’s house, she couldn’t contain her grief. She cried when she saw her husband lying dead with several stab wounds to his neck and body. Residents of Mandela section, where the nyatsi lives, suspect she knows why Mmuzi was killed.

“We know that woman. Why didn’t she scream for help?” one resident asked. When Sibongile spoke to the SunTeam, all she could do was cry, and claim that the nyatsi had her husband killed. A relative, Xolile Khubeka said: “When Daily Sun visited her she was devastated and just kept on crying. I don’t know where we will get the money to raise her kids now that their father is dead.”

When the media team spoke to nyatsi Thabile Motha (41), she said she would never have had Mmuzi killed because she loved him. “Mmuzi used to visit me every day and I knew his wife. He made me pregnant but I lost the baby after three months. I want the person who killed him to be arrested. I hate it when people put the blame on me. I loved Mmuzi and there is no way I would have killed him.”

She told Daily Sun that she knew who the killer was and had told the police. A murder case was opened at Etwatwa Police Station and the cops were looking for the suspect.

Source : DialySun



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