Mzansi Bush S.ex Taxi Driver Goes Viral

Mzansi Bush S.ex Taxi Driver Goes Viral

Mzansi Bush S.ex Taxi Driver Goes Viral 

A viral video of what looks like a driver of a parked taxi in a bush who is sharing a quality time with a female counterpart has since been shared over three thousand times within a short period of time on Twitter – where it originated and other social media platforms.

However, no one has managed to identify neither of them since the faces of the lovers in the footage are not clearly visible.

According to a 3-minute video clip, a white slow-moving taxi with a South African number plate and Mzansi flag colors on its body is seen arriving in a bushy area from the right side and gets parked.

On the 2 minute mark, the lady in the video gradually opens the front door as she jumps out of the stationary vehicle. Right after the driver steps out of the kombi and swooped to the passenger door to swiftly undress his partner.

It appears, the couple was unaware that they were being recorded from a mobile phone throughout the act, unlike other comparable videos where the victims end up being blackmailed and forced to pay the ransom right on the spot.

It remains unclear about the exact place where the undated video was shot considering it was recorded in a bush.

Due to its graphic nature, this publication is not apt to share the adult footage given the fact that we are a family newspaper.

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