Calls on X to have a man who made inappropriate comments about a child arrested has intensified as people share screenshots of the comment despite the post having been deleted.

The Comment That Led To A Lot Of Backlash

A man named Nkosie P Mthembu has found himself in a fix after he made an inappropriate comment on a child’s photo. Mthembu commented on Avela Mthetwa’s post saying:

ang’senandaba nokuthi umncane, ngyokbhebha izibe red.

This is translated ‘I don’t care that you are young, I will have s_x with you till you turn red.

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Man comments on a child
Man makes inappropriate comments about a child-Image Source@Facebook

Someone took a screenshot of the comment and the picture that was being commented on and shared it on Facebook and X. The screenshot has fast gone viral with many people calling for Nkosie to be arrested for his comment. Many people went on his Facebook and insulted the man tagging the police to take action.

Apologizing and Deleting Facebook profile

After the comments became too much, Mthembu took down his comment and apologized for the remarks he made, stating that he did not mean them. He also tried to clear his name and said he was not a pedophile. However, people were not having any of it. Many claimed his apology was dishonest and he was only afraid that people would attack him in the streets.

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Mthembu went on to deactivate his Facebook profile, hoping the attacks would die down. Another Facebook user later reported that Mthembu had taken his life because of the comments on social media, but that, too, fell on deaf ears. People even asked for proof that he had died so that they stopped, and some even rejoiced at the thought of him committing suicide.

Currently, it has not been verified what has happened to Nkosie and if he has taken his own life. Social media users, however, are still calling for his arrest and that of other men who made disgusting comments like him on Facebook.

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