Mzansi Soapie Ratings

Mzansi Soapie ratings for August 2020 

The much awaited list of the most and the least-watched soapies in August has been released. The list takes into account shows broadcast on SABC, ETV, and DSTV in South Africa based on average viewership and household rating measurement conducted by the (BRC) Broadcast Research Council of South Africa.

Uzalo 8,980,712
Generations 7,345,103
Skeem Saam 6,532,362
Scandal 4,563,297
Imbewu The Seed 4,440,645
Muvhango 3,953,090
Rhythm City 3,682,394
7de Laan 1,771,121
The Queen 1,541,776
Gomora 1,467,956
The River 932,867
Isibaya 729,679

Uzalo is still number one and Isibaya is still the least-watched telenovela in South Africa, therefore, according to this list, not much has changed in terms of Soapie Ratings fo the month of August in cycles of rankings.


I’m now greatly looking forward to September’s ratings which will be released next month. My pridiction is that Imbewu will officially be the most-watched show on Etv, which will be very hard for Scandal to come to terms with the position since it (Scandals) has been the most-watched show on ETV for close to a decade. I also predict the show(Imbewu) will make it’s 5million mark before the year end.

The only way Isibaya will ever get noticed again at this rate is if they move the novella to Mzansi Wethu. I’d hate to see actors losing jobs and a show getting cancelled because of a production company’s ego and pride. Sometimes you simply need to acknowledge your ‘L'(loser sign) and make the most of it while you still can.


Its ironic that Duma Ndlovu is losing and winning at the same time. His ETV soapie; Imbewu is topping the charts, his second soapie; Uzalo is still number one but his first soapie; Muvhango is barely scrambling. It might be a good time to go back to the roots and hire, fresh talented script writers or use the same writer’s from Uzalo and Imbewu.

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