N_ude Zulu maidens beat up peeping tom who had e_jaculated on them

A man who was caught peeping and m_asturbating to n_ude Zulu maidens during a reed ceremony in Empangeni, KwaZulu Natal was given a good hiding.

It is reported that the man, who is thought to originate from Malawi, perched himself in a tree above the spot where the maidens were resting and conducting their ceremony. When the maidens arrived under the tree to change their apparel, the man, identified as Justice, started doing Justice to his ding dong. The maidens went on their business not knowing a pervert man was right above them.

The sight of so many bare b_00bs was too much for Justice who was now breathing heavily and gyrating his manhood. With a minute, the maidens felt a substance on their heads and face. Thinking that some birds had pooped on them, the maidens took no notice and grabbed some towels to wipe. However, they later realized that the substance was white and sticky. They v_irgins asked their elder what it was who quickly identified the substance as a man’s seed.

It did not take too long for the girls to identify poor Justice as he tried to hide among the tree leaves and hoping he had chameleon skills to turn himself into a branch, but his bright yellow t-shirt and blue shorts sold him out. When it finally sunk in to the girls that they had just been e_jauclated on, they went into a frenzy, demanding the now scared Justice to alight from the tree.

‘Uyahlanya lo muntu, sizobulala’ screamed some of the girls who had started to pelt Justice with stones. Justice had no choice but to come down from his love nest to be met by a mob of angry girls who started hitting him with whatever tools they could get and chased him away from the scene.

Source : iMzansi Satire


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