Some people would do anything for attention, it seems. It’s exhausting, really.

Lesley Musina, who told fans that he’s leaving Muvhango, is apparently not leaving. Yeah. The actor took to Instagram, again, to share that his previous post was not true. Apparently someone decided to “pull a prank” on the public by announcing that he’s leaving the soapie.

“My sincere apologies, someone close to me with access to my phone decided to pull a prank on the general public about me leaving Muvhango. I’d like to state categorically that it’s not true that tonight will be my last appearance nor am I leaving the soapie. Although I think it’s bad to play such pranks on people, no harm was intended to anyone. I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls and messages from friends and media outlets. There’s no truth at all in the post,” he said.

We thought April Fool’s Day was only in April? Oh well.

Source : Zalebs


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