New 4-5 pill takes Mzansi by storm

JUST as winter is setting in, a cruel crisis has struck for men who need some help to perform between the sheets.

There is a shortage of Cobra tablets which are sold on the streets.

The tablets are supposed to work like Viagra.

Not only has it become difficult to get hold of the tablets, but the price of the remaining stock has gone up.

A packet of five tablets that normally costs R20 has been selling for anything up to R50 or more.

The tablets are mostly sold in the Korsten CBD, Uitenhage and Govan Mbeki taxi ranks.

Joel Tai Tai (58) of New Brighton said: “I don’t have an option. I have a young woman I have to please. I don’t want her to leave me for a young man.”

A 65-year-old woman whose husband suffers from diabetes said the tablets are a part of their life.

“But our supplier said his stock was confiscated by the police.”

A resident of Humansdorp who used the tablets for about six months without a break said he had an erection that lasted all day. He couldn’t go to work.

“My doctor told me to stop using them,” he said.

Lorraine Osman, spokeswoman for the Pharmaceutical Society of SA, said: “Medicine that comes from an unknown source is unlikely to contain the claimed substances.

“It may not have active ingredients or may contain non-specified ingredients. It could be harmful and probably won’t help the user.”

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