I know that many ladies will not like this article but the truth is bitter they say. These are perfect signs that your girlfriend just tumbled beneath the sheets with someone else

1. She smells of Fluid

This mostly happens when a lady fails to shower or clean up herself aftermath of the deed

2. She rushes to the bathroom

Just when your girlfriend returns from somewhere and the first thing she does is rush to the bathroom to clean up and sleep afterwards, something suspicious is happening.

3. She smiles sheepishly

The moment she sets her eyes on you after sleeping with someone else she will be smiling sheepishly even when situation does not warrant that smile. This may be due to guilty conscience.

4. She tries to avoid eyes contact with You

5. Her shirt looks Rough and Dirty

6. She would turn down your advances

Just after she has made love with another person and you try to coerce her into love making, she won’t be excited to have inti_macy with you.

7. She spends more time in the toilet

8. She starts nagging unnecessarily

9. Her lipstick is wiped off

10. Her make up is freshly applied

This shows there’s possibility that she reapplied the make-up after the deed was done so that you won’t smell something.

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