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Actress Nomzamo Mbatha has made it clear that she’s an Orlando Pirates supporter and nothing will change her mind.

In an interview with Pirates TV, Nomzamo explained how she’s been a Buccaneer since she was a little girl and that didn’t settle well with her late father since he was supporting the “other team” which she wont mention.

Nomzamo also mentioned that she’s well aware that other supporters have their own issues and own opinions of what a Buccaneers fan should look like, but she’ll forever remain a Buccaneer for life.

Nomzamo says she gets offended when the other team takes a drunken pic of a women saying that how pirates women fans look like. The TV personality points out that being a pirate fan is not about the looks but it has everything to do with being a true pirate fan.

The actress and TV personality also revealed that she will forever be an Orlando Pirates fan, whether they’re on top of their game or not.

Watch the video below……


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