Morgan Gibbs-White South AfricanNottingham Forest Player Morgan Gibbs-White Reveals His Favourite South African Dish [Image: @britneydevilliers/Instagram]

Nottingham Forest talisman Morgan Gibbs-White has revealed his favourite South African dish that keeps him going.

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Nottingham Forest Player Morgan Gibbs-White And His South African Beauty

Gibbs-White is dating 23-year-old South African fashion model and lawyer Britney de Villiers. The couple welcomed their first child, Greyson, on 8 November 2023. The two have been dating for over four years.

Recently, Morgan Gibbs-White sat for an interview with SuperSport and spoke about his relationship with Britney.


Morgan Gibbs-White South African
Nottingham Forest Player Morgan Gibbs-White Reveals His Favourite South African Dish [Image: @britneydevilliers/Instagram]


He revealed how much he is learning the South African culture from his Afrikaans girlfriend. The SuperSport interviewer asked him some words he learned from his girl. Gibbs-White responded:

“My girlfriend speaks fluent Afrikaans, and the only words she has taught me are bad words that I can’t repeat on here (cracks into laughter).”

The Nottingham Forest forward then spoke about his favourite South African dish, porridge. He added:

“She makes…uhm, there’s like a porridge called mealie meal. That is my favourite. She says people normally have it for breakfast. Well, I like it for like supper or after dinner as like a little dessert. That’s incredible.”



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Mzansi In Delirium

South Africans stormed the Supersport page online and laughed over Morgan Gibbs-Whute’s comments.


“W Girlfriend. Gibbs-White performances are because of Pap!✅”


“I wonder which ‘bad words’ she taught him….probably starts with “P” and ends with “S” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”


“Dessert is ultra Mel and ice cream, not pap.”\


“Probably Voetsek, jou po*s. Do you know Eric Dier is our swaer too and likes chakalaka and biltong?”


“Lol..I know exactly which words.”


“😂😂Pap and Nkomazi😂😂🔥🔥”


“He’s not eating pap for dinner. He’s eating porridge (motogo, umdoko). I don’t know how they got to post a pic of pap in that interview when he clearly said he enjoys it as like a bit of dessert 🥴”

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