First respondents to an accident scene got the shock of their lives in KwaZulu Natal when they found a cow and six goats inside the crashed Toyota corolla.

Eye witnesses report that they saw a Toyota Corolla speeding along a dusty road and in 500 meters, the driver is said to have lost control and crashed into a nearby street pole. When helpers went to investigate, they found the surprise in the car. The driver is reported to have fled the scene.

Livestock theft has been rife in all corners of South Africa and over a million rand worth of livestock is stolen every month.

News of the cow and 6 goats discovery spread quickly and by the time the police arrived, the hungry villagers had already started to skin the cow for meat after it had died from the crash. All the goats are said to have survived.

See the pic below :

stolen cow 1

Source : iMzansi


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