A popular catholic pastor has caught international media attention after he appeared to raise a dead man back to life.

In the images doing the rounds on social media, Rev. Fr. Chiedozie Modestus Chilaka, prays for a dead man that was about to be buried and the God of resurrection brought the man back to life.


Just as God brought back Lazarus to life. God said ” I will make haste to perform the words of my Prophet ” This Miracle took place at Iheala.


During the resurrection, the prophet was heard declaring : “This year! you will not bury any member of your family. This year! nobody will say sorry to you, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. This year any gathering in your house, in your compound, will not be for condolence. It will be for celebration, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.”


The prophet is however a subject of many christian controversies with many saying he fakes his miracles and the internet is laden with videos ‘catching’ the man performing fake miracles.


Source : iMzansi



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