Pics : Shock as huge snake enters and withdraws money from ATM in Newcastle

There was drama in Newcastle on Saturday when a SNAKE reportedly slithered to an FNB ATM machine then entered into a car.

Bewilderment and chaos reigned supreme as passers-by surrounded the car to get a closer view of the snake and its owner. Others were busy taking photos from the onset and managed to capture pictures of the snake and the car that it later entered.

The UNPROVEN reports from the shocked eyewitness are however conflicting. Some claim the snake ‘withdrew’ cash from the ATM while others claim it just went to the machine and returned to the car.

snake 1

When the bemused crowd mobbed  the car and asked the driver ,who had arrived a little while later, to explain the bizarre occurrence, he professed ignorance and unperturbedly  asked them to release him so he could go home. ” angazi ukuthi ukhuluma ngani ngiyekele ngihambe ngiyekhaya ( I don’t know what you are talking about, let me go home),” he reportedly said.

The mob had no option but to let him go.

Reached for comment, Newcastle Police said they had not received a report of the incident. First National Bank officials declined to give a comment.

snake 2

Meanwhile one of the photos which shows the snake on the ATM machine has gone viral on social media, however it has come to our attention that the photo is not bona fide and is of a snake that also ‘visited’ a ATM in the UK.

Snakes are reportedly used in Juju/Black Magic folklore by their owners to go and ‘steal’ money from banks, financial institutions and wealthy individuals. They swallow the cash, return home to their masters where they then vomit the money for the owner to use as the wish. According to Legend few people however have the ability or ‘luck’ to see these mythical creatures so it is certainly a wonder how South Africans managed to get a glimpse of such an extra-ordinary occurrence.

Source :Imzansi Satire


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