Pics : Tragic truck accident in Durban

A man was feared dead and two other people were seriously injured in a collision involving two trucks and a car on the M7 Edwin Swales Drive at the N2 on Monday.

Rescuecare spokesperson Garrith Jamieson described the scene as “carnage” after the trucks laid waste to a car and then pushed up into the freeway bridge before catching fire.


Smoke billowed from the wreckage of the trucks as firefighters tried to douse the blaze.

Jamieson said that a truck driver and the driver of the car had been treated by paramedics.


“Our two patients are in a serious but stable condition and will be transported by ambulance to a local hospital. The fate of the second truck driver is unknown and it is feared that he may have perished in the fire, we are still searching for him,” he said.


Jamieson said that the cause of the crash was unclear.

The accident has caused significant traffic gridlock in the area.



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