Pictures Of Women Touching Big Zulu’s Privates Have Emerged

Pictures Of Women Touching Big Zulu’s Privates Have Emerged

Controversial pictures of one of Mzansi’s finest musician popularly known as Big Zulu have left people talking. Born Siyabonga Nene, the South African rapper has become an internet sensation following his hilarious track titled Imali Eningi that went viral when Duduzane Zuma used it in one of his Tik Tok videos. However, Mzansi has been left with more questions than answers when the rapper’s questionable pictures of him being grabbed his privates by an identified woman surfaced online. According to the images, a woman dressed in a pink top is seen pulling up his shirt and in the second image, her face is right by the artist’s privates’ area whilst her other hand is grabbing him by his back.

Below are some of the pictures of Big Zulu and female fans that have left Mzansi talking :

Pictures Of Women Touching Big Zulu's Privates Have Emerged
Pictures Of Women Touching Big Zulu’s Privates Have Emerged : Unofficial pictures of Big Zulu taken by a phone using his mobile phone that have left people talking.
Pictures Of Women Touching Big Zulu's Privates Have Emerged
Pictures Of Women Touching Big Zulu’s Privates Have Emerged : Some of Big Zulu’s controversial pictures that have left Mzansi with more questions than answers: Image Credit: Facebook/iMzansi Extreme

The pictures have since been received with mixed reactions as other social media users claimed the musician was being abused as others indicated he was enjoying whatever the woman was doing since he did not stop her. Below are some of the remarks left on the social media platform.

 Musa Mathebula
But comparing Zodwa and this guy is not not the same. But like I said I don’t mean to start a debate let me not even go there lol

Chokoe Mmonoa
This is so much disrespect though.. He shud have called the gal to order iys violation mos

Nomonde Nontuthuzelo Nomza
While others are enjoying the performance this lady is focused on what she came to do😂😂 and why doesn’t he have security

Taps Moyo
Ushuni weNkabi was molested on stage. It must have been very traumatic for him

Malange Tshililo Godfrey
Women sometimes turn to be too much when they are excited, she surely had a very serious talk with her man if she has one..strue bob. What was she doing anyway 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ aftermath of getting too excited 😜

Tiisetso Wa Ga Ledwaba
This behavior is barbaric, disgusting and must be condemned.
This man was violated and we cannot, shall never promote it and utter words like he should have steeped back ?
I mean who does such in a public space especially to a stranger ?

Elliot Masha
But you can tell that Big Zulu is enjoying this, he moved closer to her.

Siyanda Ngxiya
Well singazama u 50:50 of viewing things same way for amadoda nabafazi..ikhona indlela efanelekileyo eluntwini yoruba indoda fanele iziphathe kanjani .. let the women start that conversation based on what women think they should conduct themselves. If you were the artist would you feel violated or being harrassed?

Engetani Siweya
He is loving every moment , from the 1st pic to the 2nd one he should have stepped back had he felt like he is being violated.

Muhluri Dee LadyJustice
Men must learn to fight their battles, if it was a female vhele we were going to fight, it’s a male, if people feel like he’s violated they must fight also
Y’all men can’t be hiding behind Hashtags,sharing posts with captions like this, what are you doing to fight for your fellows?

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