A video showing a white man in a bakkie intentionally knocking down a black pizza delivery man on a motorcycle whom he refers to among other things as “a one pizza kaffir” – and recording it — is causing a major stir on the social media.

The video footage posted on Facebook shows the delivery man lying on the tarred road after he is struck by the vehicle. Speaking in Afrikaans‚ the man in the bakkie uses foul language and uses a racial slur several times to refer to the delivery man.

The origin of the video – apparently recorded on the man’s cell phone — and where and when it was shot remain unknown. While explaining the event as it is happening‚ the man alludes to a university‚ but does not name it.

Famous Brands‚ which owns Debonairs Pizza‚ confirmed that‚ based on the Facebook footage available‚ the scooter delivery driver in the video was a Debonairs Pizza employee.

“Management is currently communicating with its extensive Debonairs Pizza franchise network to ascertain the health of the employee following the accident‚ and establish exactly where the incident took place.

“Management is outraged by this incident and condemns any form of racist behaviour in the strongest terms.

“As soon as the facts have been finalised our franchisee will lay the appropriate criminal charges against the driver of the motor vehicle‚” the company said.

A comment that appeared with the video on Facebook stated: “I watched this‚ i couldn’t believe what I’m watching‚ its clearly a 2 way turn‚ you intentionally knock someone off his motorcycle and still drive way‚ let alone the ignorance to record it! Disgusting piece of ****

Someone else commented: “This poor man has a job and trying to make ends meet. May that white man in the bakkie must end up in prison for racesism and atemted murder!! I feel so sorry for the black oak cause im a biker……”

“This guy who recorded this‚ and the foul language he uses‚ and to be stupid enough to post this‚ shows how stupid he is‚ clearly we should be past this racism crap and its only a select few who drag the “white” name through mud…. let us not allow this idiot to derail the dream we have for this country‚ I am appalled as a South African‚ horrified as a white person and embarrassed as a driver for the actions of this awful human beings treatment of another human being. I wish people raised their children better. And now we wonder why we get treated in South Africa like we do not belong. My heart breaks‚” read another message.

“This video will go viral. And he will be brought to justice. His a disgrace to human kind and must be brutally penalized for this. Im a biker and i know how that feels. Just because his a racist. its not to say all white people are. So these blacks guys thats threatening us and talking bull shiiit. Is just as bad as the driver‚” read another.

One woman wrote: “You are a disgrace to humankind! You have absolutely no self respect! Who are you to judge and talk to any human like that‚ Black white yellow brown or pink‚ no person needs to be talked to or handled like that. ..”

Another stated: “I couldn’t believe what I heard and saw on this video….no wonder there is such a lot of hate and unrest….ek hoop die ou word gevang‚ en goed gestraf… ‘

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