The quest to achieve what is thought to be the best definition of beauty has women resorting to desperate and dangerous measures in order to get it.
With body part enhancing pills full on the market there is a rush by women to but these ‘magic pills’ so they can look beautiful.
One such lady Mpumi (24) from Pietermaritzburg learnt her lesson the hard way after purchasing black market bo_oty enhancing pills.
These pills are easily available from street vendors and individually owned retail shops.

Instead of a ‘perfect bo_oty’ she got an uneven body structure with one thigh looking so grotesquely swollen it looks like a defect. In a bid to understand iMzansi interviewed biochemist Dr Michael Kleyn who works in the pharmaceutical industry.

“Manufactures claim that their products are supposed to redeposit body fat but what they don’t warn user is this fat can be stored any place on the body. The idea is that it’s stored on the area with most body fat but this is not a 100% guarantee” he explained.
“My advise would be for women not to buy these products at all. They’re harmful to the body and contain a lot of toxins.They don’t even list the ingredients on the packaging” he warned.

Meanwhile Mpumi is due for a liposuction so some of the fat can be drained away. She claims a ‘friend’ introduced her to the pills after saying they worked for her. She hopes to be able to return to how she was and if the lipo is successful she says she’ll learn to accept her body as it is.




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