Bushbuckridge- A 38 year old Tsonga woman was arrested on Tuesday morning while she was on her way to a Women’s day celebration.

Joyce Maluka, a mother of two, was on her way to celebrate women’s day in Thulamahashe Bushbuckridge, when a police van suddenly stopped right in front of her and just like that she was accused of witchcraft.

Witnesses say two police officers beat her up on the spot before bundling her into the van with her clothed ripped off.

Reports are that a witchcraft related cased was opened by a local man the night before women’s day and Joyce unfortunately matched most of the characteristics of the suspect mentioned in the case.

She was taken to the Bushbuckridge police station and soon after released due to lack of evidence to tie her to the case.

The two police officers apologised for the incident but locals insisted that a case should be opened against them.

“We were looking for a very black,short and thin woman who was spotted naked at midnight in one of the resident’s houses. And Miss Maluka unfortunately seemed to be the one”, said one of the police officers.

It is still unclear if Miss Maluka will be opening a case against the two police officers, but we will be keeping you posted on the development of this story.

Source : African News



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