Pravin Gordhan’ has seemingly decided to join in the blesser-blessee trend that has blesser trend.

In Check Point, one of its current affairs shows, eNCA investigated the phenomenon of “blessers” – a euphemism for “sugar daddies on steroids”, as the show referred  to them.

It spoke to 27-year-old “blessee” Amanda Cele, who was unemployed but lived in a flat in the suburbs, drove a Mercedes and wore a range of luxury brands – all thanks to her blesser, who she said “makes things happen”, The Citizen reported.

We were also introduced to Serge Cabonge, judging by his accent not a South African man, who described himself as a blesser and claimed he had spent R100 000 on one of the women he had “blessed”.

He claimed that 75% of the women in South Africa expected money out of a relationship.

It seems “Pravin Gordhan” has also jumped onto the bandwagon and decided to be a blesser to one of our most-loved sports presenters, Mpho Maboi. Maboi took to Twitter to share that she had received an e-mail from “Pravin Gordhan” telling her he wanted to deposit R150 million into her account. It looks like Cabonge has nothing on Gordhan; what is R100 000 compared to R150 million?

Not to worry, our actual finance minister has not succumbed to the lure of the blesser-blessee trend. Mpho Maboi made it clear to her followers that she received the e-mail from scammers using Pravin Gordhan’s name.

“I mean a whole finance minister. Wanting to give little ol me money. Millions at that!! Does he even know I exist?! Come one now. Some of these scam emails are BEYOND ridiculous. Like not even a moron would fall for that,” she tweeted.

Have you received an e-mail from scammers claiming to be Pravin Gordhan? Let us know in the comments below.

Read Maboi’s tweets:

Source : Citizen


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