A Pretoria pre-school is the subject of racism after a black parent voiced her complaint on social media for the way her daughter was treated.

The mother took to Facebook and alleged her child was separated from her white class mates at the Koetjes en Kalfjes Heritage Hill Campus.

“[m]my beautiful 19 month year old is made to sit on a table by herself whilst the rest of her class sits cosy on the table next to her, indulging on delectable spread and my poor child sits with just her lunch tin,” the mother wrote on her Facebook wall.

“I was livid and outraged when the school sent this to me. Whilst my office is 20mins away I sped to collect my child at an instance and remove her from the school immediately. I have never been so livid, outraged , disappointed in all my life. [I] i can’t help but think what kind of people can subject such hate to a mere 19month year old child,” the mother said.

Gauteng MEC for Education Panyaza Lesufi, on Thursday paid the pre-school a visit.

Source : eNCA


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