Pressure Mounts As OUTsurance Removes All Adverts With Katlego Maboe On Them

Outsurance Presenter Katlego Maboe Cheats On His Wife, Infects Her With An STD

Pressure Mounts As OUTsurance Removes All Adverts With Katlego Maboe On Them

It never rains but pours for TV personality and Outsurance advertising, Katlego Maboe after Ousurance turned against him and removed all the adverts with him (katlego) on them.
Katlego Maboe is currently embroiled in a cheating and abuse scandal and it appears the storm has also encroached and crashing his on his career.
It is unfortunate that just a few hours after a viral video emerged on Twitter, his employers turned the back against him upon revelations that he also physically abused his wife whom he infected with an STI he allegedly got from a sexual relationship with one, Nikkita Murray.
Despite having worked with the company for more than 8 years now, after the word got out that he had been involved in the scandal, he has been let out of the company and all the adverts featuring him are to be taken down “as soon as practically possible”.
Speaking with Channel 24 this morning, Outsurance spokesperson, Natasha Kawuulesar said:
“We are aware of the issue surrounding Katlego Maboe and have engaged with him on this. We want to provide Katlego and his family the time and space to deal with this private situation. In the meantime, we will be removing all advertisements featuring Katlego as soon as practically possible.”
Earlier this morning, Katlego, who is also an employee at Cardova Productions’ The Expresso Morning Show was let go by the company in a statement alleging that they condemn his acts which are not in line with their company policies.
However, Katlego rejected claims that he beat his wife, rather admitted to cheating on her and infecting her with an STD. Katlego is popularly known for his “Chencha” jingle on Outsurance television adverts.
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