‘Pretoria Is In A Terrible State’ , Claims Executive Mayor of Tshwane/Pretoria

Mayor of Pretoria

‘Pretoria Is In A Terrible State’, Claims Executive Mayor of Tshwane/Pretoria

The newly elected Executive Mayor of Tshwane/Pretoria, Clr, Randall Williams, has said the capital city is in a terrible state due to its R4.4 billion financial deficit.

For the past 8 months, the city was on administration which contributed to its lack of implementing proper service delivery with COVID-19 also worsening the problems.

However, the new Mayor who started his first day in office last week Monday has promised to hit the ground running regardless of the existing problems within the municipality.

“Going forward, for the next 11 months we will have a council that will function orderly. However, the city is in a terrible state we have an R4.4 billion financial deficit. The administrators thought they could collect 90 percent of revenue but that was not feasible during a hard lockdown.

Moreover, residents have been raising concerns over the nature of their municipal bills, I am aware of that and we have been assisting with their billing problems, I have also asked the MEC of Finance to assist us with a proper billing process.

In addition, we will be tracking basic service delivery, we will be tracking the maintaining of basic service delivery. I am concentrating on basic things that’s why we launched the war room on Friday if those basic things are not followed then there will be management consequences.

Moreso, there is a problem of housing in this country, we have started a process of formalizing informal settlements by providing them with electricity, water, and sewage systems, this year 34 informal settlements will be formalized already 7 have been formalized this will also help in averting the constant invasion of land. We need to communicate better and take residents along the way,” said the Mayor.


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