Prophet Mboro Downplays Tax Payment

Prophet Mboro Downplays Tax Payment

Prophet Mboro Downplays Tax Payment

By Daniel Itai

Incredible Happenings church leader, Prophet Mboro Motsoeneng has downplayed the notion of churches having to pay tax.

Many people have been calling for the government to review its tax policies on churches. Currently, churches are recognized as Non-Profit Organizations which don’t pay tax.

“They are many problems in terms of church support but churches are questioned yet they are Sangomas, fortune tellers and so forth yet they are not questioned. When a pastor drives an expensive car or has a fancy house then they are questioned. Churches are actually in an economic crisis. Out of the 100 000  churches only about a 1 000 make more than R1 million. Churches are struggling.

Moreover, churches also have people who are not necessarily pastors who offer services who need to eat, send their children to school and so forth. People are not concerned where is the church getting the money. A church is there for giving and receiving, right now churches have no money,” said Prophet Mboro.

However, Zweli Maboza, a tax expert, said as long as members were being remunerated then taxes needed to be paid.

“If a church is not paying tax it should be registered with SARS and file tax returns. However, when anyone receives a renumeration they should pay tax,” said the tax expert.

Over the past couple of years, many have been enraged by church leaders who drive expensive houses and live lavish lives citing they are gaining their wealth at the expense of the poor masses.

Foreign Pastors and Prophets have been largely targeted and blamed for exploiting South Africans. Moreover, in recent times several Prophets and Pastors have found themselves on the wrong side of the law which has relatively landed them in prison after they were convicted of crimes related to fraud, money laundering, tax evasions, and falsifying identities amongst others.


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