Prophet walks on water,caught on camera performing miracle

ZIMBABWE-POPULAR miracle pastor,Paul Sanyangore,has found himself under social media spotlight with circulating photographs of him walking on water.The incident is said to have happened last week at a swimming pool in Glen Lorne that the faint hearted could not believe their eyes and swam out of the pool and the video and pictures have gone viral.

Sanyangore is not new to the controversial miracles,having performed a number of controversial miracles such as the miracle resurrection.Speaking to H-Metro,the preacher said his team invited him for a swim but he was unable to swim.he said,naturally he does not swim.

“I don’t swim and my guys invited me for a swim.

“I told them I can’t swim and I had to show them what I can do,”he said.


Asked about the relevance of such miracles,the preacher said they are all done to boost people’s faith.The pictures have been met with mixed reactions,with other suggesting that they could have been doctored.Some have dismissed his identity,saying it could have been a foreign prophet.Others felt all this was an attempt to follow the footsteps of South African prophet Bushiri who reportedly claimed to have walked in air.

“Those miracles are done to boost people’s faith so that it’s easy for them to accept the word.

“The fact that it cannot be done in front of many people is because they are not ready to accept such miracles.Criticism has always been there and it will always be there,”he said.

Sanyangore said he no longer minds being labelled controversial as Jesus did more than what he has done.
“Everything is possible with the power of God.

“Jesus did more things and he was given all sorts of names,so being labelled controversial does not affect me,”he said.



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