Many women don’t want to accept the signs that their man is cheating, even when these signs are staring them in the face. But did you ever consider that the signs might be even more obvious than you think?According to research studies, there are types of men that are more prone to cheating than others, and who they are might surprise you

1. Husbands of a female breadwinner

While women who are 100% financially dependent on their husbands are least likely to cheat. Husbands who are 100% financially dependent on their wives are most likely to cheat.Researchers theorize that men married to female breadwinners are more likely to feel that their masculinity is threatened and use extramarital affairs to compensate.

2. Tall men

Looking at data from an extramarital dating site, researchers determined that men over 5’10” are twice as likely to cheat as men who are shorter than that.

3. Men whose age ends in ‘9’

If he’s about to step into a new decade of life, chances are he’s more likely to cheat on you according to an analysis of data of more than 8 million men. Researchers theorize that these men make rash decisions and are more vulnerable to having a mid-life crisis.

4. Social media users

The more often a man uses social media, the more likely he is to cheat. The theory is that these men are more engaged in their virtual relationships than their actual relationships, making them more likely to have an affair.

5. IT guys

According to data from another extramarital affair website, men who work in information technology or engineering make up 10.6 percent of men who have affairs.

6. Cheaters

It shouldn’t be surprising that if he cheats once, he’s more likely to cheat again. According to research cheaters are 3.5% more likely to cheat than men who’ve never cheated.

7. Intelligent men

According to data, men who have had an affair have higher IQs than those who don’t. One theory is that men with higher IQs generally have more resources (with which to develop their intelligence). Because of these resources (such as money, social status), they are more attractive, so it’s easier for them to have an affair than men with lower IQs.

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