Review: Why The Queen Is Now Shackled By A Boring Plot

Review: The Queen

Review: Why The Queen is now shackled by a boring plot.


Brenda Ngxoli’s The Queen Character; Noma

We love ‌Brenda Ngxoli, for years she has been our go-to Xhosa queen. That’s been her differentiation from other actresses for years, besides her talent and passion. We always watch her ads and movies over and over again and laugh because she makes us want to learn how to click and makes Xhosa cool.

After joining Mzansi Magic’s most-watched novella and now speaking English, she has lost the magic. She’s now making things more awkward and cringing. We also wonder how can Brenda who played Dambisa on The River be Noma in The Queen? We also question the scriptwriters of The Queen Mzansi and The River 1Magic if they have forgotten that they once sold us the story of Lindwe and Harriet being good friends?

The Sebata’s

We are now used to actors coming and leaving on The Queen and have not come to terms with most of the characters being killed off since they were genuinely talented actors naturally.

It’s almost a year since the departure of the Mabuza’s and replacing them with the Sebata’s has made us realize how absolutely brilliant the trio was; TGOM played by Rami Chuene, Goodness played by Zenande Mfenyane and Mabatho played by Serumo Motsoaled.

The introduction of the Sebata’s has made us believe that in some cases talented actors can be really awkward and may have an awful connection. Besides being given a terrible script that can’t be saved, they might just be an odd bunch together, have language issues, or be given a terrible script.


Jairos made the show great again but killing him at this stage was premature. When Rami Chuene who played TGOM was still around that was the last time we enjoyed watching The Queen. He was at home with this character and we looked forward to his relationship with Hector. Jaros made Hector cool and exciting, without him Hector becomes just another villain and the most successful villains have partners.

Thembsie Matu’s Character; Sis Pat

‌ Right now, ‌Patronella’s character is literally saving the whole show right. In fact, if she wasn’t the Sebata’s maid, we would advise the writer to eliminate the whole family already.

The difference between The Sebata’s & Patronella and The Mabuza’s & Patronella is that the latter complemented each other and there was a balance.

If Patronella wasn’t around, The Mabuza’s still gave a reason to want to watch them and enjoy them, we only noticed Patronella because of the wonderful connection she had with The Mabuza’s.


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