Rhythm City: Suffocate Coming Back Soon

Suffocate Ndlovu Coming Back to Rhythm City

Rhythm City:Suffocate Coming Back Soon 

Rhythm City fans this week were dealt with heavy blow when the main character Suffocate Ndlovu died.

David Genaro’s daughter led Suffocate to his demise after plugging him with bullets.

Suffocate’s absence made things look bleak for everyone because he is the heart of the show and one of the original actors.

Everyone thought he had dumped Rhythm City after it was announced that Mduduzi Mabaso who plays Siffocate was going to join the cast of Imbewu.

He will be playing a self-made millionaire who moves to Joburg to start a new life on Imbewu.

Said Mduduzi about his new role.

“The role is quite different. I didn’t get much of an explanation about the character (when I started) so I made it my own. I am trying hard to step away from characters I have played in the past so I tried to make him as different as I could. He is not a gangster or criminal. He is an honest businessman.”

However by no means has he completely dumped Rhythm City.

“I haven’t left Rhythm City. I am still there. It was not difficult to juggle the roles because we made an arrangement between the productions. It (the role on Imbewu) is a once off but who knows if I will go back in the next season?”.

So worry not Suffocate will be back soon.

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