Rhythm City: Throupling Couple?

Rhythm City: Throupling Couple?

Rhythm City: Throupling Couple?

Listen, everything else would have not shocked me? Or rather I would have been less shocked by other ways in which the situation amongst Nathi, Jamaica and Mampho turned out.

One was not necessarily expecting that the three of them would actually consider the request Nathi makes that they all be each other’s people.

It is understandable to want to share a significant other with a stranger that you would not have to interact with but these two live together.

How would it all work? Throupling is not in fact a new phenomenon, people have been doing it for a long time, the question is, is the South African audience ready for such.

Viewers are very precious about their values and morals and for a show like Rhythm City that pulls in the numbers of viewers that it does, how will this all work?

Throuplin g basically means that three people are in a relationship that resembles the type of monogamous couplings are. Everyone is open and honest but also everyone is only dating the three two other people.

There is not much on TV that delves deeper into educating the masses about the LGBTIQ community and perhaps Rhythm City has found an opportune time and space through this storyline to expend on the topic of relationships and educate its viewers.

It is very commendable, the bigger question remains, how will everyone else feel about it? Will they welcome it or judge it based on monogamy and heterosexual musings on relationships?

It will be a treat for all of us curious cats, really.

There is a lot to say on Rhythm City’s dedication to pop culture in the South African context. They have continuously maintained the insistence of showing audiences what is real and what is relevant to the youth of our time.

Will throupling shake the table for the masses? Let’s wait and see.

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