Rhythm City’s Khulekani, A Terrible Villain

Rhythm City's Khulekani, A Terrible Villain

Rhythm City’s Khulekani, A Terrible Villain

For more than a decade, Rhythm City’s Mncedisi Shabangu who plays Khulekani Ngobese was introduced to the show replacing Jamie Bartlett who played the hilariously villainous, David Genaro.

Even though he bagged  SAFTA award as a supporting actor for his role, Genaro groupies are still not convinced that Shabangu is the best man to replace Genaro.

Shabangu is a playwright who’s been acting on stage for many years before bagging his role on ETV’s soapie; Rhythm City.

Fans have further complained about Khulekani looking in the camera like a kid whose trying to remember his lines or a kid who’s just discovered the camera.

The current storyline has a lot o drama with the fans’  favourite villain; Suffocate Ndlovu killed by Genaro’s daughter; Pearl Genaro.Fans even swore to stop watching the show if Suffocate was killed.

This was however revealed as a dream when Pearl Genero met up with Suffocate for real and offered him a pack of cigarettes instead of taking out a gun from her purse.

Fans are not impressed by Khulekani’s villainy and have resorted to switching off the channel whenever he or his family members: Ziyanda or Nandi appear.

He’s great as a supporting actor but a terrible leader because he’s a lame drug lord, dresses terrible, and he is extremely boring.

The ratings are proof that Rhythm City isn’t doing well since the introduction of Khulekani and his whole family.

The soapie should introduce another villain so that Khulekani could take a step back.

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