Qwabe Twins and Makhadzi

The reason money is so important is that it provides options for you to live the better life that you choose and puts you in control. Having money and being comfortable with finances also gives you freedom and options to decide how you want to live and support the things you care most about in your life.

Qwabe Twins and Mkhadzi are South African celebrities who are testimonies that show money can transform a person.

Qwabe Twins

Viggy and Virginia Qwabe are two South African female twins who are the two musicians. Qwabe twins were acquainted with the Mzansi music industry in 2019 as contenders of the fifteenth Icons rivalry. At the point when the twins joined icons, they got savaged for being ‘revolting’, however, they got endorsed by Dj Tira after their Godlike objects exited and sparkled up.

The twin sister’s life completely changed as they were able to eat and dress what they want at any time because they can now afford it because of money.

Mkhadzi real name Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona

The pictures of Mkhadzi flooded the internet during the time that she used to perform on taxi ranks and people called her many names to depict that the period when she was poor could not transform herself.

Makhadzi’s life wasn’t always easy. She raised him and his two sisters alone when their parents divorced, but she was convinced that the singer had a special talent. By the time he was 12 years old, he was performing in the taxi ranks to earn a living.

Currently, she is now affording to buy everything that she needs, recently the Mzansi was shocked by her billions of mega-deals that she signed with big South cooperates.


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