SA Man Dumps His Friend For Makhadzi

SA Man Dumps His Friend For Makhadzi

Judging from the events that unfolded recently, indeed loyalty should not always be guaranteed even if you have been friends with someone for over 10 years. One of Mzansi’s finest singers, Masedi Ramofelo saw his friend on TV but little did he know that he had been betrayed him according to Daily Sun. Taking it from his words, he used to record songs with his long time friend, Prince Benza. All hell broke loose when he saw his friend performing their song Ngwaga on SABC’s lockdown House party on TV.

In the same vein, Masedi’s part on the song was sung by the Limpopo queen, Makhadzi.Masedi claimed he was shocked and confused with what his eyes saw. He added that he immediately called his friend after the show to find out what was really happening.

“Prince told me he re-recorded the song and decided to add Makhadzi instead of me. We worked on the song in 2018 and reworked it in 2019. People liked it.”, he said.

SA Man Dumps His Friend For Makhadzi
SA Man Dumps His Friend For Makhadzi : A leaked conversation between Prince and his friend: Image Credit : Daily Sun

“But we didn’t work much because of lockdown. I was shocked to see he worked on our song without me and removed my vocals, It broke my heart he didn’t show any remorse when I confronted him. Instead, he dared me to do whatever I wanted. The song was not complete when we performed it at the Lockdown House Party.’But we will release it this month and he will be credited. His vocals will also be included. I tried to tell him this, but he doesn’t want to understand,” he said.

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