"SA Women Cannot Match Zimbabwean Bombshells" - Nota Advises Men[Image: Instagram/Berita]

“SA Women Cannot Match Zimbabwean Bombshells” – Nota Tells Fellow Men


Controversial music executive Nota Baloyi has advised his fellow South African men to marry Zimbabwean women bombshells.

On Thursday, Nota gave his estranged wife Berita Khumalo her flowers, something that is uncharacteristic of him.

Nota Baloyi usually goes on rants and drags his Zimbabwean wife on social media for all to see.

Of late, Nota Baloyi has been waxing lyrical about his wife Berita and at one point claimed they were not divorced but taking a ‘gap’ year so she finds herself.


Nota took to Twitter to shower Berita Khumalo with praises for sending him R75 000. He said when his Zimbabwean wife sent him some money she set a national record which is yet to be matched by a South African woman.

He advised his fellow South African men to put the ring on a Zimbabwean woman preferably one from Bulawayo.


"SA Women Cannot Match Zimbabwean Bombshells" - Nota Advises Men
Nota & Berita in happier times [Images: Instagram]
Nota Baloyi wrote:

When my wife sent me that R75k she set a national record… I’ve yet to see a South African woman match that. Get yourself a Zimbabwean girl, a Bulawayo bombshell for good measure!


Fans who took to the comment section expressed surprise that Nota was showering his wife with praises.

This is in sharp contrast to his earlier comments where he alleged Berita was struggling and homeless. Nota claimed that she was currently squatting on people’s couches.

He also went on to claim that Berita’s parents abandoned her.

Taking to his Twitter page, Nota wrote:

“It’s not funny that my wife is homeless again. Spent her money on AirB&Bs now she’s squatting on couches. It’s embarrassing, humiliating & unbecoming… She has many comfortable & safe homes to return to as soon as she’s come back to her senses. Her parents abandoned her I didn’t!”

As if that wasn’t enough, Nota Baloyi went on to assert that Berita was just an abandoned street kid with nowhere else to go.

“With all that said, I’m the one with mental issues & she’s just an abandoned street kid. What a joke. Only 3-ways this ends, she’ll either end up busking on the streets, in an institution or dead. Either way, I did my best to help but I can’t help someone that’s hurting me for it!”

In response to her ex-husband’s unfounded claims, Berita flaunted her beautiful apartment in Johannesburg with a beautiful backdrop view.

Berita asserted that for someone who is alleged to be homeless she is doing quite well for herself.

The songstress added that therapy, music and God has been helping her cope.

“I’ve got to say for someone who is apparently ‘homeless’ I’m doing really well👌🏽

This is my view of Johannesburg from my apartment.

God, music and therapy have been my saviour 🙏🏽

This too shall pass 👏🏽,” she wrote.

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