Sam Meyiwa is back again with a fresh barrage of insults for Kelly Khumalo.
South African singer, Kelly Khumalo is doing as well as we’ve seen her in recent years. The songbird has been making waves on TV, radio, as well as on the internet and her fans are as behind her now as they’ve never been before.

However, some people just cannot stand her and one such person is Sam Meyiwa. Sam is father to late SA footballer, Senzo Meyiwa, who was slain in Kelly Khumalo’s home last year.
Sam has made numerous headlines this year and he was back at it again last week when he revealed that he feels like Kelly is milking the Meyiwa name.
Kelly just released a song called My Truth which was a tribute to Senzo. Needless to say, Meyiwa Senior is not a fan of this song

He said: “Where did this girl come from? What does she want from us? How much more pain does she want me and my family to suffer? Uyeyisa lentomba-zane (this girl is being disrespectful). The truth we want from her is who killed my son, not to make songs we do not understand,”

“I’m sure she was involved (in Senzo’s death). I wish she could get arrested while on stage performing the song. She can go ahead making money with the song, but it’ll curse her for the rest of her life”

It never rains but it pours when it comes to these two.




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