Sangoma Issues Prophetic Warning To SA DJs Following DJ Sumbody's DeathDj Sumbody x Umakhosi99 (Image Credit: Twitter via @Umakhosi99/EWN)

Sangoma Issues Prophetic Warning To SA DJs Following DJ Sumbody’s Death

As Mzansi is mourning the sad untimely death of Dj Sumbody, a tweet from a sangoma sending a prophetic warning to all the DJs who have worked with the late musician has resurfaced.

In the pinned tweet which is dated 25 September 2022, the sangoma who uses the Twitter handle @Umakhosi99 has warned all the DJ’s who have worked with DJ Sumbody about the danger that they may all succumb to.

DJ Sumbody death
DJ Sumbody (Image Credit: DJ Sumbody via Instagram)


Umakhosi99 refused to mention the name of the Dj but predicted that they was one Dj who was going to be severely  injured on the head by a speaker.


Dj Sumbody prophetic warning
Dj Sumbody x Umakhosi99 (Image Credit: Twitter via @Umakhosi99/EWN)



The sangoma went on to prophecy that the Dj was going to die or suffer from mental illness.

“Prophetic warning to all Dj’s , especially those who have featured Dj sumbody, there’s one Dj in particular can’t mention names , but he’s going to be severely injured in the head by an off balanced speaker , heavy bleeding leading to death or , mental illness” Umakhosi99 wrote.


Umakhosi99 went on to add that the incident will happen at a gig in the township. She urged the Dj’s to be extra careful at gigs.

Particularly at a gig in the township / kasi ! It may sound like a joke , since y’all like underestimating , take it as you will lol RT for awareness !be extra vigilant at your gigs !


Meanwhile, following Dj Sumbody’s death, South Africa-based Zimbabwean self-proclaimed prophet Mellontik Orasi issued a strong warning to South African celebrities following the shocking death of DJ Sumbody on Sunday morning.

Dr Prophet Mellontik Orasi who claims to have accurately prophesied Dj Sumbody’s death warned that a female South African celebrity, was going to die soon.

“So saddened.

 “To South African artists, I need nothing from you when I advise you, we (are) trying to spare lives.

“Another female celebrity will rest when memories of this one are still new.”

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