South African Police have their female citizens in mind when it comes to Nigerian men and their scams.

On behalf of SAPS, National Police Spokesperson Brigadier Sally de Beer has issued a warning to the ladies alerting them of an influx of Nigerian men who have come to con and steal from them under the guise of tourism and looking for love.

de Beer said a bunch of unscrupulous Nigerians are travelling to South Africa as tourists but do not register formally with the authorities

She added that this was a scam where they target rich women and sedu_ce them into marriage only for them to con and steal from them, or commit a crime and disappear.

According to officials at Immigration, the immigrants end up working in the country without permits and operate comfortably in mid and high-end estates.

Common methods most of these guys are using are phishing whereby they create fake accounts using women’s pictures to befriend you and then later recommend themselves to you. This is mostly rampant on Facebook.

South African women have been said to fall for Nigerian men easily because of the façade these men put on to appear rich. They are known to flaunt their worldly belongings as well as using their accents to appear exotic in charming women.

Other ways the Nigerian men lie to South African women is by creating sob stories where they were promised football careers in Europe by an agency in Nigeria only to end up at the agency’s offices in South Africa, stranded after being abandoned in the process of catching a connecting flight to a European country.

The Home Affairs department also weighed in saying,they were aware that single mothers are working in cahoots with these non-South African men, especially Zimbabweans and Nigerians, come to their offices to record these persons as fathers of their children even if they are not the biological fathers. This is then used by such persons to address the department for permanent status in the country due to the right that children have to be cared for by their parents.


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