SA’s 20,011 COVID-19 Deaths Prompt Ramaphosa To Take Action


SA’s 20,011 COVID-19 Deaths Prompt Ramaphosa To Take Action

South Africa’s surge in the number of COVID-19 infections which is now sitting at 747 394 with 20,011 succumbing to the deadly virus has since prompted President, Cyril Ramaphosa, to extend the State of National Disaster by another month up until the 15th of December.

“Since the start of this crisis, the role of the government is to protect the lives of South Africa. We must do everything in preventing a resurgence of the virus in our country. We are witnessing an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the Eastern Cape especially in the Nelson Mandela Bay, with many people moving between the Eastern and Western Cape it’s just a matter of time before it moves to the whole country, we will be working closely with the provincial government of the Eastern Cape in managing the surge of the virus, as a result, we are extending the State of National Disaster by another month until the 15th of December.

As we enter the festive season we can avoid a second wave if we all play our part. We need to protect ourselves and those around us by wearing a mask that covers the mouth and nose as this is one of the best preventative methods. The inconvenience of wearing a mask is far much better than returning to a harder lockdown or shutting down the economy. We all want to connect with families and friends but we should not let our guard down. I have been seriously getting concerned and alarmed on what I have been seeing on social media with people attending large gatherings at parties and shebeens. We need to fight this virus, I urge all people to download the SA COVID-19 App its zero-rated by mobile networks, by downloading the App we can mitigate the rate of transmission we should all take measures to prevent a resurgence of the virus

Moreover, we are now working on increasing the number of significant COVID-19 tests. South Africa is coordinating with several pharmaceutical companies to acquire a vaccine. One of the leading global pharmaceutical company, Johnson & Johnson, has partnered with our local pharmaceutical company Aspen, in manufacturing a candidacy vaccine.

Moreover, through the various interventions that we have put towards our economy, we are now turning relief into recovery. The UIF has already paid over R53 billion to 4.7 million people but this has to come to an end because the government cannot sustain it we are amending the alert lockdown one measures by extending liquor trading hours and allowing all international travel into our country subject to a COVID-19 test certificate.

As we look back at the year it’s been a year of pain and sorrow and we should never forget those that have succumbed to the virus from the 25th to the 29th of November the nation will be in mourning for all that have succumbed to the virus and Gender-Based Violence we urge everyone to wear black in remembrance. Let us continue to demonstrate that we are a people of resilience and courage who are caring and loving to restore, recover, and rebuild,” said Ramaphosa during yesterday’s public address on COVID-19.

Commenting on Ramaphosa’s address, Sanusha Naidu, a political analyst, said the local manufacturing of a COVID-19 vaccine would go a long way in mitigating future pandemics.

“The pandemic still looms and there has to be some investment into the production of vaccines. South Africa could do really well in such an investment which will also help in mitigating another pandemic the last time the pharmaceutical companies produced something was like 30 or 35 years ago which should not be the case. As we are getting closer to the festive season we have to be more vigilant and adhere to COVID-19 protocols,” said Naidu.


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