Scandal: Romeo’s Death Will Harm Grace’s Business

Scandal: Romeo's Death Will Harm Grace's Business

Romeo’s Death Will Harm Grace’s Business

Grace’s young beau of a husband has been waiting for an opportune time to properly pounce on the business and properly get his claws into it.

We have all been waiting with baited breath to find out exactly how and when will that happen with so many failed attempts at the timing of it all. It is with great regret that one has to inform their soapie loving self that the time might have just arrived.

Rome’s alleged passing from suicide will definitely send the newly wed and mother of one spiralling.

If anything, Romeo has been Grace’s life, she has done all that she has in the name of securing a strong future for her son, no matter what has happened with both of them, no matter how much of Romeo’s never-ending shenanigans affect her and quite often her business profile.

This time, there seems to be reliable proof that Romeo is really gone and sure Grace has Khutso the grandson son to think for and take care of but will that be enough? Will the little bundle of joy be enough of the light Romeo was in his mother’s world?

Will Khutso be enough of a reason not to give everything up and roll up in a ball of tears for as long as time allows? I do not think so. We are in for a treat when the young Mr Grace finally strikes under Mamba’s coaching.

This is such a rip time for all that. It is the perfect time, to say to Grace, “go mourn your son, let me take care of the business”.

By the time the mourning is done and morning comes, Grace will wake up to a new dawn of her hotel and business legacy down the drain and belonging fully to Mamba, and maybe, just maybe, this will be what brings Romeo back to life.

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