Dj Maphorisa and Thuli PhongoloDj Maphorisa and Thuli Phongolo (Image Credit: Kaya 959)

Mzansi has been saying different views that are a cause for concern after a video of Thuli Phongolo hanging out with DJ Maphorisa was shared online.

Renowned Amapiano DJ and producer DJ Maphorisa have recently been seen spending time with his rumoured girlfriend, Thuli. A video showing the two sitting closely on a couch was shared on social media, sparking a flurry of responses from netizens

Social Media Buzz: Maphorisa and Thuli Phongolo

DJ Maphorisa, often known by his stage name Madumoney, and actress Thuli Phongolo has once again become the centre of online discussions. Their relationship has been a subject of speculation, with fans eagerly following their on-and-off dynamics. The recent sighting, shared by MDNews on Twitter, shows the pair looking rather close, reigniting rumours about their relationship status.

The video, captioned “Maphorisa and his alleged girlfriend Thuli Phongolo,” quickly went viral. Fans and followers wasted no time in sharing their thoughts and opinions about the couple’s interaction.

@TheGeopol: “Thuli Phongolo seems to be crying for help, there might be elements of GBV between her and Maphorisa.”

@LovethL45957: “She doesn’t look happy, perhaps she is tired.”

@SupaJacks: “She looks uncomfortable, but perhaps it’s because she doesn’t have any make-up on and the guys are busy taking pics and videos.”

@sheilamanyorio: “She looks miserable.”

@Gumm_Zoro: “She looks different without make-up. Nkare le coloured lako Noordgesig.”

@ThembisileQ_: “She looks uncomfortable.”

@PapaaMama_Bona: “Our sister just wants to sleep and rest while the party animal that is Maphorisa wants to party all night!”

Public Speculation and Concerns

The video has not only fueled curiosity but also concern among fans. Many noted Phongolo’s seemingly unhappy demeanour, with some suggesting she might be tired or uncomfortable. Others speculated about the nature of their relationship, hinting at possible issues behind the scenes.

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This isn’t the first time DJ Maphorisa and Thuli have made headlines. Their relationship has been a hot topic for a while, with fans closely monitoring their interactions. The public’s fascination with their dynamic continues to grow, especially with every new piece of content shared online.

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