A North West family got the shock of their lives when they found a witch in their kitchen.

The family which had gone out for the long weekend left their place of residency in Rustenburg for a long drive to Durban where they intended to spend the long weekend. However they encountered their car started showing signs of overheating so they decided to go back to the North West.

Upon arrival, they heard sounds coming from their kitchen and when they peeked through the window, they saw an undressed woman at the stove cooking something. The terrified Malajila’s opened the kitchen door to find the undressed witch busy cooking something smelly in their kitchen.

Being a spiritual family, mama Malajila sprinkled holy water on the witch who then confessed that she was cooking meat she had fetched from the nearby cemetery. ‘I could not carry the meat to my house so I came to cook it here, please let me go’, the hissing witch spoke as if in a trance.

Mr Malajila called his pastor who stays in the same neighborhood to come pray with them but the pastor refused. The Malajila’s started questioning the witch who then confessed that she actually hails from Limpopo and had to eat the meat in order to gain power to go back to Limpopo that same night. ‘I just want to go home’ she pleaded.

Neighbors had already congregated outside the Malajila household by then baying for her blood and asking the witch to show them where it had taken the meat from.

The Malajila’s had to phone the police who then whisked the witch away after covering her in some towels.

‘I think God wanted us to catch her. Imagine coming back from Durban and using our pots not knowing someone had used them to cook human meat?’ Ms Malajila proclaimed. ‘Now I have to change my whole pot set and hope the stokvel pots will arrive’, she added.

Source : iMzansi


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