The Gauteng Health Department says although it regrets the scenes that played out at the Mamelodi Day Hospital in Pretoria where security guards dragged an ill child’s father out of the ward, the public needs to understand that each hospital has policies that need to be adhered to.

Tlotlo Ntehelang and his wife took their baby to the hospital over the weekend.

Ntehelang posted a video on Facebook showing security guards pulling him by his clothes while his child cried in the background.

His wife took this video using her cellphone.

In the video, Ntehelang is seen being pulled away from his child’s bed by two security guards at the hospital before a third one comes and demands that his wife hand over her cellphone.

She is heard refusing to give the men the phone.

Ntehelang is also heard telling the security guards not to stop him from seeing his child.

The department’s Steve Mabona says hospital policy is that only one family member is allowed in the casualty ward.

He says this was explained to Ntehelang before the security guards removed him.

Source : EWN


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