Signs you are an internet addict and need help

Sure, the Internet has certainly made our lives easier in many ways, allowing us to instantly learn breaking news, stay in touch with friends or buy practically anything you need with the click of a button. However, always being connected perhaps makes it a little too easy to constantly receive and send information, and for some people it can turn into a serious dependency problem.

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So if the following 10 signs apply to you, then you are addicted to the Internet. Check them out below…..

1. You’re spending more time online than with family or friends

Internet addicts will choose to spend time online rather than participate in social activities. If your Internet use is out of control, you may find that your family and friends question why you’re choosing the computer over them or express concern about the amount of time you’re spending online.

2. You’re neglecting yourself and your work

There are people who will be online for 15 hours at a time and don’t eat or wash. You don’t have to spend more than half your day online to be suffering the symptoms of an Internet addiction—it’s the way your Internet use negatively affects your life that determines whether or not you have a problem. If you find that your Internet use is causing you to neglect your health, your chores and your work, it may be time to seek help.

3. You’re using the Internet to alter your mood

Those who are depressed are three times more likely to become hooked on the [Internet], those who suffer from anxiety disorders are twice as likely, and those who suffer from an addiction to alcohol and drugs are twice as likely. Those that compulsively use the Internet may find that going online helps relieve the symptoms of a mood disorder—but the relief is short-lived.

4. You think about the Internet even when you’re not online

As with addictions to drugs or alcohol, Internet addicts are constantly searching for their next fix. If you’re preoccupied with your next purchase on eBay or tactics in an online game, you may have a problem

5. You’ve made new acquaintances through the Internet

Being online helps to calm your everyday worries and relieve stress. You find it very annoying or upsetting when you’re interrupted while online. Without the Internet, your life as you see it would be boring and empty. During your daily routines, you often can’t stop thinking about the Internet.


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