Zero Communication

Communication is key in any relationship. If both members of the couple no longer communicate their feelings, wants and needs, misunderstandings and misguided irritation toward one another are inevitable. This self-imposed stifling of expression leads to bickering as one person’s message is not fully grasped by the other, and vice versa. Arguments can be positive if the couple can grow as a result. However, if the same issue repeatedly comes up and the partners are not willing to truly put themselves in the other’s shoes and understand their viewpoint, clearly one or both members are no longer invested in making the relationship work.


If the sight of a happy couple waltzing joyfully down the street hand-in-hand is met with envy and bitterness by either half of the couple, then the relationship is not in top shape. There must be something lacking in the partnership if jealousy arises as another’s relationship soars. It takes two to tango; if one person in the relationship is not happy, then both members need to reflect on whether it should be saved or tossed by the wayside.

The Only Reason You’re Still Together is Time

A 7-year-old relationship appears like a lifetime to some. As such, saying goodbye to something that has taken so long to build is no easy endeavor. Granted, no relationship should ever be terminated without careful thought, but time should never be the only string holding both parties together. While all the love and attraction have dissipated, all either can say when asked why they’re still holding on is: “Well, it’s been x amount of years.” That is not a good reason. Time does not a relationship make.

Hitting Below the Belt

Every couple fights. Mean insults and nasty reproaches, however, should never be permitted within the confines of a healthy relationship. Eventually, if such an ugly environment is nurtured, resentment blooms while respect for one another declines. A couple should fight for their relationship and not against each other. Feelings can be hurt irremediably as one or both members begin to see the other as an enemy.



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